After School Program Reservations

We are still enrolling for after school pickup and programming! The S.E.L.F. Program aims to create better students and better humans, by offering bite-sized lessons in empowerment, self-love, self-care, while also providing homework help before taekwondo and/or piano lessons!

Safety Guidelines

Click here for information on the changes we have made in response to COVID-19.

Women's Self Defense & Fitness Class is on hiatus until the end of Summer 2021!

After-School Pick-Up

Pickup service from five local elementary schools; with homework help, supplementary education, and even "day-camps" on school days off and holidays.

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Family Club

Make it a family bonding experience: Attend our evening classes for parents and children together to train side-by-side in our Family Club / Teen / Adult classes (see our schedule online).

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Wondering if Taekwondo is for you? For just $30, you can attend three classes in the span of one week, and see for yourself if it's a good fit. We're confident you will enjoy it.

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Since 1993

We have programs to fit everyone's schedule and skill level, from the beginner attending once a week, to the dedicated student on the fast track to becoming a Black Belt, to the family wanting a fun exercise they can all do together.

Every class session's workout is different, so say goodbye to monotonous exercises, and say hello to a focused program with friendly experienced instructors who will help you meet your fitness goals.