What do classes cost?

Classes start as low as $108/month, but cost varies depending on which program you choose.

What are your hours?

Our reception hours are from 2PM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. We hold classes outside of that time, but if you're looking to speak with someone, you'll want to stop by between 3:45 and 6.

What makes this Taekwondo studio better than the others?

A little background: Kukkiwon is the South Korean national academy for Taekwondo. Kukkiwon is the headquarters for World Taekwondo, the federation promoting TKD as an international sport.

Our studio is registered through World Taekwondo, making us the bona fide Olympic-style studio we are today!

Plus, we just don't charge as much. We're all about providing a community service at an accessible cost.

What’s the belt order?

White → Yellow → Orange → Green → Purple/Stripe → Blue/Stripe → Brown/Stripe → Red/Stripe → Black

What elementary schools do you pick up from?

Currently, our schools are Woodridge, Spiritridge, Somerset, Puesta del Sol, and Wilburton. If your school isn't on this list, we may still be able to work something out, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes! If you have multiple children enrolled in our programs, we offer discounted rates.

What other activities do you offer?

We offer piano lessons and recitals, coding classes, day camps, midwinter and spring break camps, weekly summer camps, field trips, and more.

Do uniforms and sparring gear cost extra?

The standard uniform (dobok) can be purchased from us for $30. Sparring gear isn't needed until you or your child reaches orange belt.

How long does it take to move up between belts?

We offer belt tests every 10 weeks. It depends on your dedication to the program, but you can typically expect to move up one belt per belt test, taking about two and a half to three years from the start of your lessons to become a black belt.

What's the average number of students per class?

Our lower-level classes average about 10 students per session.

Where can I find videos of belt forms?

Right here! 1. Il-Jang is orange belt, 2. Ih-Jang is green belt, 3. Sam-Jang is purple belt, 4. Sah-Jang is purple stripe belt, 5. Oh-Jang is blue belt, 6. Yook-Jang is blue stripe belt, 7. Chil-Jang is brown belt, and 8. Pal-Jang is brown stripe belt.