Safety Guidelines


Upon Arrival

Everyone must wait to enter the dojang until they have been screened. Each person will be screened for symptoms upon arrival, including a temperature check. The county requires us to turn away any person with a fever of 100.3 and above.

Throughout the Day (During Camp)

Children will be encouraged to be forthcoming about any symptoms they may experience throughout the day. In the event that a child displays symptoms during the day, or we learn of someone they came in contact with displaying symptoms, they will be (kindly) isolated until pick up.

Confirmed Cases

If we confirm that a member of any of our programs or one of their immediate family members has COVID-19, we will inform all active members and close for 3 days to thoroughly sanitize our facility. Our staff will be tested, and that student will not be able to rejoin our programs until we can confirm that they are no longer at risk of spreading the virus.

Face Coverings

Face masks are required at all times inside the lobby and the upstairs classrooms. They are not required during physical activity, but they are encouraged, especially in our older students.


The facility is cleaned and sanitized before the start of each day, in between classes, at lunchtime (during camp), and at the end of each day. Hand sanitizer and sanitization products are available and use is encouraged.

Air Circulation

Doors and windows will remain open at all times. For smaller spaces, like the upstairs classrooms, we have purchased air purifiers to aid in our efforts to prevent airborne transmission.