"My sons go here and they absolutely love it! They learn discipline, respect, leadership, and teamwork on top of the expected taekwondo skills. Master Park does an amazing job! He is pretty strict, which the children definitely need, but keeps it light hearted and fun making them laugh. I am pretty amazed at how serious my kids take it and how much they learn each time. They love it and are motivated to keep going. Highly recommend!" - Yunkyung C.

"This is a great taekwondo studio.  Master Park is fantastic with the kids.  He enforces discipline but balances it with playful banter with the kids.  I would highly recommend this studio to anyone." - Steve Y.

"My 8 and 11 yo boys have been going to Bellevue TaeKwonDo for over 1.5 year now and I am very happy about it. Master Park looked quite strict and intimidating at first, but he is actually a great teacher with a sense of humor, and kids seem to have lots of fun during the class while learning TaeKwonDo, get plenty of exercise and learn about discipline and respect. I would highly recommend this place. After-school program, especially the piano lesson, is also a really nice bonus." - Joohyun P.

"Bellevue Tae Kwon Do is a great place with a great Master. I have been going here for about a few months. I have joined the Teen and adult class that the school offers up to 5 times/w. The master Park and Mia at the school are always very friendly, encouraging, and caring. I would recommend this place if you would like to take your kids to learn the Art of Taekwondo in Bellevue/Eastside Area. Overall, Bellevue TaeKwonDo is a great school for everyone. :-)" - Miyoung M.

"My son goes to Bellevue TKD after school and loves it...On top on Tae Kwan Do skills they teach kids to listen and pay respect to the rules. My boy's been going here for about 3months and he's noticeably gotten better about following instructions." - J J.